Dillon Naylor

You’ve found the website of Dillon Naylor, Australian illustrator and author.

Can we interest you in a bibliography/checklist? A gallery of selected covers? Or perhaps Dillon’s Ownaindi store?

If you were looking for Batrisha The Vampire Girl, she has her very own Facebook page and a beautiful hardcover picturebook from ComicOz!

If you dig Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairies, originally serialised in Total Girl magazine in the early 2000s, ComicOz has published a deluxe full-colour graphic novel collection.

Or if you were after the story of Cowtown Comics, Dillon’s publishing imprint, it’s right here.

If none of that floats your boat, you must be looking for Da ‘n’ Dill (no judgement!). They’re on Facebook too!